nct dream reaction to you wearing revealing clothes

I REPEAT, NO ONE STARE AT THIS CHILD! Hongjoong shook his head Im not going to fight with you no more. And swearing as always. Im sorry okay., Hiii! THINK. Johnny:Instead of confronting you, he just confronted Mark. -Again, bottom/sub (in a sexual manner) means they are the one being dominated on. your lucky Im tired if not I will still be walking around. You thought maybe Hongjoong fell asleep, he probably didnt care that you walked out at almost midnight, it wouldnt surprise you. Trying on Clothes. We dont want her to be awkward too, ya know? *pants*. Hi sorry it took so long!! I would NEVER!You literally just stuttered, dont lie to me! Taeil gripped Yoon Ohs shoulders. Eventually he found you in a cabinet, with a look of fear in your eyes. I just feel like he would stare at you. Always cuddled with you, got you chocolate. Their highly-anticipated, 1.7 million-seller first studio album, Hot Sauce, is out today (May 10). After a while, he would explain to you that you didnt need to be scared of him, that he would always protect you until death. This is Mafia!au so if that makes you uncomfortable please dont interact. oops i was the one who sent a tbz reaction request, I just saw that the request were closed after I've sent it it's alright then pls ignore it if it's closed. So expect that! I have to scold you once in a while so you know better, you dont need to be upset because of it!Im sorry, I cant h-help it!I know, baby He exhaled loudly, kissing your tears away.He gave you some chocolate and a blanket, sitting you on the couch so you could relax. But I personally roleplay as if it is a fanfic. But hed still be able to communicate with you a small bit. Except hed feed you, bathe you, and everything he normally would. There was no denying that he was more than a little flustered by the little clothing you wearing and your dancing. H-huh? Why dont you dress like this all the time!!. - He leaned forward on the table to make you flustered and to grab your hand. He was walking up to you smiling shyly before shoving you back in your door and shutting it behind him. by Hana000000888899999. NCT Dream~ Reaction to you wearing revealing clothes . ), Obedient Changbin (Sexually or/and Romantically), Bratty Changbin (Sexually or/and Romantically), Hybrid Changbin (Like Omegaverse. Dont you- okay okay. You get upset too easy, we need to work on that. Got it? then can't stop smiling because you're so beautiful and you're his s/o and he's so lucky. He loved to tease you, sometimes mocking what youd say, then calling you cute, which honestly made you question why you were still with him. Jisung and Changbin are both Pansexual! This blog is 16/18+. He didnt want you ever to leave him, the thought of it just killed him. You probably wouldnt mind his presence as he would be cool with it.. Yesssss I love kingdom although I dont like mnet (be honest who does?) "You're not going out like that.". Nakamoto (Yuta): He chuckled and bit his lip when you came into the kitchen with no shirt on, liking what he saw, That was until he realized his members were sat at the counter, looking over when you walked in. I-I just noticed how much he really do-I cant believe you assume Im having an affair! Nct 127 reaction: you're wearing their clothes. i feel like he would give you his favourite ones as well : ? Taeil also stood up with a look of hurt. He would give out a fake laugh, pulling you back upstairs to pick out new clothes, even with you denying it.Cmon, atleast a t-shirt! Which eventually turned into something more, much to your denials. Jaehyun. "Got7 reaction to s/o wearing a top with great clevage amongst the other members. +. Letting it go, he tried not to think of it anymore. He immediately went over to you and stood infront of you, blocking the view of you from the others, and he took the drinks from your hand. I cannot have them looking at you like that, only infront of me. Kun stood at the door way watching as you hoped in a car full of already drunk girls. Jessi Has The Best Response To The Fact PSY Doesn't Like Her Wearing Revealing Clothes . Urghh. none yet! People would probably think he is Jaes kid instead of his. Dont you think your dressed up to much? His arms crossed over his chest, staring you up and down. nct dream masterlist // official masterlist 02.24.19 genre: fluff a/n: is it obvious that i'm absolutely obsessed with nct rn orrrrrrrrr renjun um,,,hope u live near a hospital bc u just gave him a. Please !! Nct Dream Reaction to You Coloring Their Tattoos Mark: "You have got to be kidding me." He deadpanned as he saw you walk towards him with a bucket of markers. Lets go home yeah?, Your number one hype man. Would you like to go shopping for new clothes darling? Lets talk you scoff, hands crossing over your chest. He'd hate it when you wear such tempting short skirts, exposing your bare legs like that. But if he caught one of the younger dreamies staring, he wouldnt hesitate to lightly smack them upside the head. Taeyong: He would gape when he saw you come into the practice room, dripping in sweat from dancing yourself. Chenle: Would outright fanboy in front of you and he smiles/blushes a lot too. It was a total accident, breaking Seungmins camera.You knew you had to tell him, so you practiced what to say in the mirror for around an hour. I could really use it, my treat~!, Haechan: He wouldnt like it. And if you want to start again, just say so! Chenle are you okay with that? Haechan joked making the boy finally raise his head and look at you as you poured yourself a drink. Chenle just smiled and went back to playing some sort of game on his phone. Can I request mafia!wayv getting jealous after a arranged marriage?? Y/N! He would wander around the house, searching for you everywhere. Something didnt set right in his stomach watching you go out looking like that, but he couldnt exactly do anything. Obedient Jisung (Sexually or/and Romantically), Bratty Jisung (Sexually or/and Romantically), Hybrid Jisung (Omegaverse. Haechan:To be honest, it just started a screaming match after he confronted you, looking very angry.I CANT BELIEVE THIS, YOURE CHEATING ON ME WITH JOHNNY! You can buy whatever YOU want! HAHAH DONT WORRY BORROW MY JACKET!! Where are you going? He asked, making you widen your eyes. Seriously? He sighed, covering your mouth when you began to speak. Johnny: This would be fine with Johnny, considering the fact that he was born in Chicago and his first language is English. do you want my jacket? He asked again, opening his car door for you. I love your fit, butttt- you stare at him, looking away from the popcorn in the microwave. Then lets get covered up., Kunhang (Hendery): He wouldnt make a huge deal about it, because you probably wouldnt even exit the bedroom looking like that before he stopped you. Would think your trying to make him mad or something. Go to your room and Ill find someone else to do the mission., Changbin:He sighed, sitting in front of you. He would glare at all them, rolling his tongue against his cheek. (They can see A LOT OF TIDDY) would love this for BTS as well if you can " A/N: writing for bts first since I have to kinda back into writing for got7. His notebook laid on his lap as you picked what colors to use on the mean . Scared as hell, then relieved when he found you. Now relax. Okay?. Now the button. You shook your head, you were freezing but the stares he gave you were to good to pass up on. He found it funny when youd try to hesitantly explain the word to him, not knowing he already knew what it meant. I-Im sorry hyung, I just got worried..I understand. I cant even choose which group have the best performance. [You can also roleplay as a different SKZ member, besides Bin and Sung, too!] Welcome to a Submissive/Bottom SEO CHANGBIN and HAN JISUNG of Stray Kids Chatbot! Stray Kids' Bang Chan Names His Favorite Korean Actor, Revealing They Are Close IRL. The members kinda got used to it and didnt bat an eye, while Kun was the only one ever shook by it.Oowff be careful (Y/N), the members might loo-Kun. svtgot7reactions: "Nct Dream reaction to you wearing their clothes A/n: my heart bust an uwu this is a cute request, day 3 of the posting everyday for a week celebration :)) Mark: can't resist. that may be the moment chenle knows hes set for life, but he wont be so obvious and instead accuses you of stealing his clothes, and just offers to buy you a store of shirts instead, but his entire defence melts off him when you say to him, and kiss you on the nose to see you smile, doesnt know what power youve got over him, but hes okay with it since you make him happier than hes ever been, goes through about 5137492 emotions and reactions in 30 seconds, blushes and gets nervous and cant remember what he was going to say, then looks at how his shirt looks on you and is just filled with so much love, then cant stop smiling because youre so beautiful and youre his s/o and hes, and then gets nervous again cause it hits him that its, and this circle repeats for quite a while, he eventually comes to settle in a general state ofi love you, pulls on the shirt slightly and raises an eyebrow while smiling, pouts at your reply until you laugh and wrap your arms around him, mr confused bilingual is so shook when you surprise him, he would have literally no idea that you were even learning, he probably initially responded in the same language, not quite registering that it isnt the language you normally speak in together, when it finally sinks in, he just pauses exactly where he is, and slowly turns towards you with that wide eye stare he does when shocked, is taken aback as to how much you already know, and promises to do his best to help you learn more if you want, really likes being able to switch between both languages with you, since he does that a lot already, hes now not as worried about accidentally excluding you from the conversation, sometimes switches to see your progress and give you any tips he can, is a quiet supporter but everyone can see hes immensely proud of you, so mark is absolutely terrified to tell yuta, literally waits for as long as he can until you force him to come clean, as soon as he finds out yuta just goes as intimidating as possible, and literally stars mark down with a death glare, eventually you calm him down although mark is now scared for his life, so mark immediately tries to show yuta just how much he loves you, and once yuta sees that, mark begins to relax around him again, these two arent gonna sit down and talk about it, rather have a mutual agreement to keep their friendship and your relationship separate, yuta literally brings you everywhere with 127 and if fans ask, you just came to see your brother, but in reality he lets you spend the whole time with mark, honestly, considering how busy mark is, yuta doing this is probably the reason that the two of you made it through some rough patches, mark feels a bit awkward talking about your relationship with yuta but is still eternally grateful that yuta helps you two so much, realises that yuta cares about you both and will do literally anything for you to be happy, cant look you in the eye for a week while he figures out if this is real or not, just wouldnt know what to say so he avoids you slightly, then you walk into the practice room, armed with food and you make eye contact, he watches as you smile at him and when he cant stop himself from smiling back, he just stops in his tracks, everybody somehow melted away into the background and it was as if you were all that mark could see, greets you with a hug and is very aware of how hard his heart is beating, immediately offers to carry the food for you and hands it out to the other members, like subconsciously sits next to you and finds himself always standing near you, this does not go unnoticed by the boys who definitely question him about it and when mark says he doesnt realise he was doing it, the teasing begins all of them screaming about how mark was in love, his was completely in love with you and nothing could take that away from him or wipe the smile off his face. By that, I mean he would be the loudest about it and the most dramatic, bringing un-wanted attention from the members. Which you were butttt . Wow he squeezed you tight in a hug. M, WAYV reaction when you wear revealing clothes, Requested? "Hi.". Wait- Nono! He'd absolutely hate all of that. Keep pulling this and you will earn yourself a punishment little one. Would tease you from time to time but more often, he'd just laugh and giggle to himself, admiring how small . I-Im sorry, I didnt mean to disobey you! This is complete fiction, my imagination. Are you actually cheating on me with one of my best friends..?N-NO! We have all the stuff to make them!, Chenle: He would highkey screech when you walked in like that, which hurt everyones ears. He wouldnt miss a second of your little English lessons, just like you wouldnt miss his Korean or Chinese lessons. Why would you ever cheat on him? It was only your second week with him and you were still a scared little puppy, getting used to its owner. But all of them said no. He would let his members stare for a little bit, give the reactions they want. yourself. So seeing his s/o in his clothes would make him shy asf. He glared at his members, which made them quickly look away. You wear his clothes pt2. What!? Im sooooo freakin impressed with the stage! I am your baby, youre my baby, so only for me pleasee~!. Then he saw you, well first heard your high heels echoing down the stairs. Im sorry it took so long !! It was a silly thing for you to do, but being near Hongjoong when he was angry made you stressed. He'd hate seeing you wear such short clothes, shamelessly showing your body to everyone. It could be a really long reply or a decently short reply. I-I was scared You admitted, making him shake his head and grip your shoulders, staring into your eyes with a soft look. You know to not disobey me. He said calmly, caressing your hair to try and calm you down. Like a playoff from your latest mafia wayv?? ANOTHER surprise was how close Haechan was to you. Hey Felix/Oppa/Hyung.Not right now, please leave so I can work in peace.O-oh, but- Felix looked at you, pissed. They are back with more music! You stood in the dark living room by yourself, after opting to leave your boyfriend alone with his anger, you finally returned home after almost two hours of wondering the streets. You can only wear clothes like that infront of me. Ill do it when I get the time Ive got a lot to do lately but I will do it!! So he would communicate with you just fine, actually enjoying talking in English. Was actually humored by the fact that you thought you could hide from him. Please never do it again, you scared the fuck out of me!. Of course hed like you dressing like that, just not if its infront of his members. "Nope. But there was still resemblance between himself and their daughter too. Pranking them, messing with them,jokingly insulting them slightly. Now lets go play videogames., Jaemin: He would raise an eyebrow with a lowkey smirk on his face. If you ever want to talk out of roleplay, or say something, just put it in parenthesis! Its hard for me to even vote because when I watch their stages Im like shit now who the hell do I vote for. Couldnt understand why you didnt love him the way he loved you. Binnie broke the kiss, giving you a tissue to clean yourself up.Youre too cute, baby. So pretty for me. Kun only just got home, taking of his blazer, chucking over the sofas back. Showing: 1-15 of 42. And you never handled stress all to well. NCT Reactions *Finished* Milk Boi. Jeno's Reaction: You're One Year Older ; Haechan. "Y/N, come on," he responds annoyed. Masterlist Jin: Jin took one look at your low cut, skin tight dress and his eyes almost popped out of his head. And when he did give you food, he would force you to eat it off the floor like the animal you were. What are you doing? You laugh not understanding why. NOO WHAT EVER DO YOU MEAN! Do you think its too short? He ask after a while. Did you just tell ME no? You gulped, playing with your fingers. But in all honestly, he would secretly try hard in learning English, convincing himself to keep trying. YoonOh (Jaehyun): Well, he did live in America for four years, so thats why he is here man. We NEVER did anything, I swear! He found you adorable and just bear-hugged you, almost taking you to the ground. NCT DREAM reaction to when you wear revealing clothes . Sometimes he would get confused and say random things, but thats what made it so cute. Stop jumping up and down please he said with a nervous face making you chuckle at his cuteness. here. The argument was petty on his behalf. You thought maybe Hongjoong fell asleep, he probably didnt care that you walked out at almost midnight, it wouldnt surprise you. "that's just how he is. Were youCrying?I-Im really really sorry, it was an accid-What are you talking about? You held out the camera, whimpering at his shocked face.Im so so sorry, I really didnt mean to! You cried out, covering your face with your hands. You want to work for me, but you cant even use a gun? May 9th, 2022. but never pressures you to kiss / hug him or anything, he just lets you do it when you please. Nct Dream reaction to you wearing their clothes . just went w it. Im only doing this because I love you. it was obvious that Kun didnt want you in his life. Trust me, they will! until you started being more and more flirtatious w him. I ONLY do bottom/sub Changbin and bottom/sub Jisung. Good. Go downstairs and sit down at the counter, Ill be down in five.. 10? 'Hot Sauce' K-Pop stars NCT Dream react to their own music videos, memes, and public appearances on the internet. I love you so much Mark. He smiled and kissed you. Mark squeaked at the sentence, skin flushing a deep crimson at the thought of bringing the toy with him on tour, and felt a wicked smile press against his skin at the reaction. Ever try any diet? He gulped, lightly kissing your forehead.ItsIts okay. The personality traits I used in this do not reflect on any of the members used. Its roleplay. Nope. STOP TRYING TO SPITE MEEE!, Originally posted by seungminshoneyvocals, Mark: He would make the most deal out of everything. After the 6 months you two have been married, thats the longest sentence he has ever said to you. Yeah you were wearing little clothing than usual, but its still you? You felt your bottom lip start to wobble, hands shaking. you were hanging out with the 00 line, deciding to go on a walk to the pier and have ice cream. 15. Or both if you would like. Plus Im going to the dance floor. You point to the crowd of people grinding on eachother. Why does my daughter look so much like you?I mean, I dont know. Dont they have like the same features!? He decided to be brave and immediately ask you about it.Hey, do you ever realize how much (S/N) looks like Yoon Oh?I meanNot really? LISTEN TO make me go by twice. A/n: my heart bust an uwu this is a cute request, day 3 of the posting everyday for a week celebration :)). Tell me who you want to RP with, Changbin or Jisung. Ill be fine. You worried the fuck out of me! I like it. TAEIL. You would try to teach him English, and he would try to teach you Korean, but youd both just end up dying laughing and give up. . Jeongin groaned, trying to contain his smile. thank you for requesting. Thank you so much for requesting! Almost upset to the point of tears. You didnt think you had to warn Kun you were going, hence him ignoring you every given chance. it doesn't suddenly hit him one day that he fell for you. When youd talk, he would sometimes get lost in the conversation, but try his best to answer back in English. So finding you hiding in the garage just earned a very long stern talk, ontop of an hour long time-out. Then he saw you, well first heard your high heels echoing down the stairs. -I am NOT very active on here. He would find it cute and super funny when having Korean lessons with you, doing his typical loud, laugh-clap when youd pronounce something super wrong, especially if you made it sound like a dirty word on accident. cant resist pinching your cheeks and making uwu sounds because hOw did you get cuter? Then he saw you, dressed better than he has ever seen . Promise me right now baby boy/girl.Good. AT A FAN SIGN. Here sit next to me, we can share a blanket! Why arent you asleep? You snap back, eyes finally adjusting to the light. Lowkey pissed but tried not to show it. "and you're the only one i want to kiss" you peck his cheek . oops i was the one who sent a tbz reaction request, I just saw that the request were closed after I've sent it it's alright then pls ignore it if it's closed. When one of your friends messaged you saying she is having a bachelorette party, you were excited. Then, DM/PM this account and tell me about yourself and/or your OC. Oh your home you greet him with a small hello before chucking on a jacket which hung on the rack. Very mad. Why arent you asleep? You snap back, eyes finally adjusting to the light. Your dream may be reflecting that you're trying out different approaches, working out what feels comfortable. But thank you for liking it he would just laugh at your cockiness but during the night he would make sure to be standing behind you, just incase the skirt flew up or you had to bend down. ?I CANT BELIEVE YOUD EVEN ASSUME THAT, I AM SO OFFENDED YOUD EVEN-NO NO DONT YOU DARE TRY TO PIN THIS ON ME, CHEATER!HE LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE JOHNNY FOR YOU NOT TO HAVE HAD SEX OR SOME SHIT!I-IM NOT EVEN CHEATING ON YOU, DONGHYUCK! Aii, no looking at my babyyy! He took off his jacket and put it around you, making sure none of the members were staring.Ai, you shouldnt wear clothes like this infront of them!Well, it was hot out.Well next time, pleasee stick to a t-shirt and athletic shorts?. Jaemin's Reaction: Protecting His S/O; Jaemin's Reaction: His S/O Has A Bad Day; Yangyang. Sort by. !, *It wont let me add another gif, so lets imagine a cute Sichengie UWU*. With a feeling of regret, he ran up to your shared room, knocking profusely. I mean, who wouldnt. Im actually trying to lose some weight. I dont see it! So I made another blog which going to be dedicated to my rated/mature reactions and imagines! Hm, I dont know. At home, you can dress in however many layers you want, babybunny., YangYang: He would sorta be confused by it, not really realizing why everyone was staring at his baby. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I want you to always be safe, thats why I keep you locked away in the house! Nor do I do necrophilia or bloodrelated-incest (AKA related by blood). you got added to a groupchat with him in it. Nope. couldn't believe his eyes. You don't notice his demeanor, as you're quickly applying blush and walking around the apartment. So when youd talk, he would sorta freeze up and put on his awkward smile, normally responding withyea or just accidentally saying something in Korean. She is 100% yours. The way he would only stare at you with a glare, the way he would only speak to you if he had to. It was all fun times. Yandere!NCT 127 | Finding Their S/O Hiding From Them. In a similar vein to wearing new clothes, trying them on indicates change may be on the way. Then he would go upstairs and grab a penguin onesie from the closet, thinking of an idea.ANYONE WHO DRESSES UP IN A ONESIE FROM THE CLOSET IN THE HALL GETS EXTRA FOOD, *whispers* and cuddles~, SiCheng (WinWin): He would smirk and go to back hug you, pecking your neck lightly. He puts his hand on your thigh. Then he saw you, well first heard your high heels echoing down the stairs. This is also not proof-read. If Beta, you/your oc has to be an Alpha. TRIGGER WARNING mentions of domestic abuse but no graphic depictions of it.. Kun: He would kinda be in shock, just looking around to see if the members were looking, but felt relieved when only Sicheng focused on you, but it was only to greet you. -Do not worry about replying immediately. Eat your food bitch.. Nor would Y/N. He realized that Mark was right, and it was probably a coincidence.Hey sweetheart. Renjun Im not wearing it for their eyes, to be honest Im not even wearing it for you you laugh making him smile along with you. Maybe even jealous, considering that Y/N does hang with him a lot. Do started to take Johnnys words into consideration, realizing that hes actually right and he was just imagining things. Have you watch kingdom? Baby, why did you come here wearing that.Because I didnt feel like trying to get dressed.Oh He just smiled and kept hugging you so the others couldnt stare.No moree, only dress like this for meee! More worried for you than anything. NCT Reaction To You Wearing Revealing Clothes Near Their Members. Tell me what you think would be important about whoever you are rping as. How do you do this to me.. He thought, hugging you and kissing your neck.BabyWhy do you do this to me? he's just a savage little cutie who deserves lots of love. And you know she would NEVER EVER do that, she loves you and only you! Tae convinced. He seemed to only care about himself lately. Imagine have someone who loves you this much and you try to avoid them? He realized how wrong he was with even assuming anything. -Its fine if you want to change the age of yourself to be older than Jisung/Changbin. Well that did raise some questions. You would lowkey feel embarrassed by him but still be laughing, telling him to calm down as he quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around you.OH MY GOD, NOO! He didnt get mad nor annoyed, just a little frustrated because it took him around twenty minutes to find you. Yeah, he was a devil in disguise.Babe. Not that he would ever in a million years admit to that. Not really, I mean maybe the smile- WaitAre you saying what I think youre saying! I do maleXmale, femaleXmale, and genderneutralXmale. Hed go and explain that you should try more layers when you are out so no creeps stare at you, telling you that the world is a scary place sometimes.The world now-a-days, is filled with weirdos who like to try and get with pretty people like you, so please wear more layers. So I made another blog which going to be dedicated to my rated/mature reactions and imagines! but even . ?, Jeno: He would smile cutely at you, trying to ignore the choice of clothes you picked. Mark: "Y/n you look really beautiful in my shirt you should wear them more" Originally posted by ldks. Then he saw you, dressed better than he has ever seen you before. He walks behind you quickly, eyes narrowing and brows shifting while he follows you into the bathroom. Chenle. You being scared of him to the point of hiding broke his heart to pieces. Whenever you wore revealing clothes in public Jimin's hands would be all over you when he thought no one else was paying attention. kilos more during pandemic. 16+ If you want to do platonic roleplay. Hed be a mix of confused and furious.Once he found you hiding in the living room closet, hed probably force you onto the bed and then started yelling at you. Whoever you are going to roleplay as! Then hed force feed you Korean knowledge, then yall would just watch a movie at the end of it all. Like age, personality, et cetera! . This is complete fiction, my imagination. it was obvious that Kun didnt want you in his life. nct 127 NCT taeyong nct taeil johnny johnny seo nakamoto yuta doyoung jaehyun winwin jungwoo mark lee haechan nct reactions NCTU nctdream kpop reactions. angie dickinson daughter funeral,

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